Programme Schedule

16th May 2024:  Day 1
Time (GMT+5.30)Description
9:00 AM10:00 AM Conference Registration & Badge Collection
Venue: Convention Centre, JNU Campus, New Delhi  
10:00 AM11:00 AM Opening Session
Chief Guest:   (To be finalized)  
Guests of Honour:
Prof. Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit, Hon’ble VC, JNU, New Delhi
Dr. Indivar gupta, Director, DRDO, New Delhi
Prof. Gyu Myoung Lee, Professor, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Prof. Adnan Anwar, Director, CREST, Deakin University, Australia
Prof. Felix Bankole, Professor, University of South Africa, South Africa
Prof. Brij B. Gupta, Distinguished Professor, Asia University, Taiwan
Prof. Björn W. Schuller, Technische Universität München Munich, Germany (Online)
Prof. Satish Chandra Garkoti Rector-1, JNU, New Delhi
Prof. Zahid Raza, Dean, SC&SS, JNU, New Delhi, India  
(Venue: Auditorium-I, JNU Campus, New Delhi)  
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11:00 AM11:30 AM Keynote 1:
Prof. Gyu Myoung Lee
Professor, School of Computer Science and Mathematics Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Title: Towards AI-powered composable digital twins (
Venue: Auditorium-I, JNU Campus, New Delhi)  
11:30 AM12:00 NoonKeynote 2:
Dr. Adnan Anwar
Director, CREST, Deakin University, Australia
Title: The Best of Both Worlds: When Cybersecurity Analytics Meets Smart Grid Operation
(Venue: Auditorium-I, JNU Campus, New Delhi)
12:00 Noon12:30 PMKeynote 3:
Prof. Brij B. Gupta,
Distinguished Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE), Asia University, Taiwan
Title: Emerging Trends and Key Challenges in Cybersecurity: Exploring New Opportunities and Future Perspectives
(Venue: Auditorium-I, JNU Campus, New Delhi)  
12:30 PM1:00 PMKeynote 4:
Dr. Indivar Gupta  
Director, DRDO, New Delhi
(Venue: Auditorium-I, JNU Campus, New Delhi)  
1:00 PM2:00 PM Lunch  
Venue: Convention Centre, JNU Campus, New Delhi  
2:00 PM4:00 PM Technical Session 1 (Face to Face)
FD1 Auditorium -IFD2 Committee HallFD3 Lecture Hall-1FD4 Lecture Hall-2
4:00 PM6:00 PMTechnical Session 2 (Face to Face)  
FD5 Auditorium –IFD6 Committee HallFD7 Lecture Hall-1FD8 Lecture Hall-2
6:30 PM onwardsConference Dinner, Cultural Programme & Networking
(Venue: Convention Centre, JNU Campus, New Delhi)
17th May 2024:  Day 2
8.00 AM8.30 AMKeynote 5:
Dr. Navneet Kaur Popli 
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Victoria, Victoria BC, V8P 5C2, Canada
Title: Advancing AI-Driven Methods for Assessing the Impact of Environmental and Anthropogenic Stressors on Canada’s Blue Carbon Habitats through Enhanced Secured Underwater Communication Technologies
(Venue: Auditorium-I, JNU Campus, New Delhi)
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8: 30 AM11:00 AMTechnical Session 3
(Venue: Convention Centre, JNU Campus, New Delhi)
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SD1 Auditorium –ISD2 Committee HallSD3 Lecture Hall-1SD4 Lecture Hall-2
11:00 AM1:00 PMTechnical Session 4
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SD5 Auditorium –ISD6 Committee HallSD7 Lecture Hall-1SD8 Lecture Hall-2
1:00 PM1:30 PM Keynote 6:
Prof. Björn W. Schuller
Professor of Health Informatics, CHI – Chair of Health Informatics Technische Universität München (TUM) Klinikum rechts der Isar (MRI), Munich / Germany
Title: Artificial Super Communication: The Sunrise
(Venue: Auditorium-I, JNU Campus, New Delhi)
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1:30 PM2:00 PM Keynote 7:
Prof. Danilo Pelusi
Faculty of Communication Science
University of Teramo, Italy  
(Venue: Auditorium-I, JNU Campus, New Delhi)
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2:00 PM4:00 PMTechnical Session 5
(Venue: Convention Centre, JNU Campus, New Delhi)
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SD9 Auditorium –ISD10 Committee HallSD11 Lecture Hall-1SD12 Lecture Hall-2
4:00 PM6:00 PMTechnical Session 6
(Venue: Convention Centre, JNU Campus, New Delhi)
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SD13 Auditorium –ISD14 Committee HallSD15 Lecture Hall-1SD16 Lecture Hall-2
      Closing Session at 6.00PM

List of Registered Papers

Paper IDTitleSession ID
2Prediction of Psychological Wellness using machine learningSD3
20An Intelligent System To Understand Sign LanguageSD3
38A Smart and Affordable Machine Learning-Powered IoT-Based Irrigation SystemSD5
39Edge Based Distributed Machine Learning Training an Heuristic and Reinforcement Learning Approaches for Efficient Resource UtilizationSD5
40Quantum-Inspired Ant Colony Optimization for Parameter Optimization in Quantum Neural Networks for the Application to agricultural PredictionSD5
42User Consumption Behavior Analysis Model Utilizing Machine Learning For Financial EvaluationSD5
43A CNN Based Approach to Classify Cervical Cancer using Transfer LearningSD6
45Empowering Communication: An Innovative Approach to Sign Language Learning for Differently-Abled Children through Computer Vision and Deep LearningSD6
73Enhance the Efficiency of Feature Selection for predicting Lobular carcinoma and Ductal carcinomaSD15
88Enhancing Water Resource Efficiency with an Intelligent Irrigation System using Advanced ComputingSD10
108Design of an efficient Bioinspired Model for ECC Hyperparameter & Curve selection of QoS-aware Secure network deploymentsFD3
111Sustainable Link Analysis in TWITCH dataset by Applying AI- based Graph Theory AlgorithmsSD12
120Assessing the Capabilities of ChatGPT in Recognising Customer Intent in a Small Training Data ScenarioSD10
123Optimized Image Steganography Method using Nature-Inspired TAO Algorithm to Secure the Secret DataSD15
136Enhancing Classification of Leukemia Diagnosis with Transfer Learning ModelsSD3
137An Efficient Methodology for Stock Prediction Using Deep Learning TechniquesSD3
144Fortifying Cloud Security: Insights from Blockchain Integration StudiesSD16
145Financial Fraud Detection System Using NLP And Machine Learning TechniquesSD10
151Beyond The Lyrics: Comparative Analysis Of Deep Learning Approaches For Sentiment Classification In Song LyricsFD7
156LAResNet50:Lesion aware detection network for dual ocular diseases.SD12
158“Assessment of Groundwater Contamination by Waste Disposal Site around Nashik City using Fuzzy Logic”SD3
161Exploring Computational Approaches for Crime Prediction and Analysis: A Comprehensive Study”SD3
163Linked Sensor Data Integration for Life Time improvement in WBASN using Blue tooth sensor nodeFD3
174An Automated Detection System for Most Prevalent Skin Diseases using CNNSD13
187Smart Solutions for Agriculture using ResNet-50 FrameworkSD14
201Real-Time Cotton Crop Pest Identification and Classification using Transfer LearningFD7
205Particle Swarm Optimization Driven Failure Prediction In Industrial Internet of ThingsSD3
206Blockchain Based E-tendering & Bidding SystemFD3
207Frequency Recognition in SSVEP Signal using DWTFD4
210An optimal and stable gateway selection strategy based on QoS in MANET-Internet IntegrationSD1
212Genetic Algorithm and EfficientNet-based Diabetic Retinopathy IdentificationSD12
214IMPULSE: Important Message Prioritization Using Relevancy Scoring EngineSD3
215AES-Based Encryption for Confidential Data Protection in Pager SystemSD1
239Malware Recognition Utilizing Deep LearningFD2
240Enhancing Social Media Advertising with Machine learning by Predicting User Click BehaviorSD3
241Early Drug Target Interaction Prediction Using Deep Learning TechniquesSD1
250IoT-based Smart Supply Chain Management System for Agricultural GoodsSD4
253Multiple Disease Prediction Using Machine LearningFD3
255Recognition of Gujarati Handwritten Characters with Modifiers using Convolutional Neural NetworkSD4
258Text Sentiment Analysis on Students’ FeedbackFD2
259Machine Learning-Driven Hotspot Prediction in Cloud ServersFD7
261Phishing URL Detection Using Machine LearningSD4
266Automated Video Footage Analysis For Identification Of Potential CrimesSD4
268A Framework For Analyzing Data Input Latency And Its Impact On Process Latency In VANETFD8
271Blockchain Solution for Enhancing Supply Chain Integrity through Decentralized Ledger for Forest ProductSD11
275Self Driving Car Using Deep Learning And IotSD11
277Comparative Analysis of Objective Functions based RPL Routing Protocols for Low Power & Lossy IoT NetworksFD1
285Website Usability Standards and Their ImportanceSD12
287Performance Evaluation of DTN Routing Protocols on Trace-Based Mobility Models with Energy EfficiencySD1
288Drowsiness Detection using Transfer LearningSD16
294Recognition of Gujarati Handwritten Conjunct Characters Using Pre-trained Deep Learning Model MobileNetV2SD4
295Innovative System for Dynamic Weighing of Trains: Integration of Wireless Load Cells and Predictive AnalyticsSD11
303Real-Time Image Classification for Social Media MonitoringFD7
306An in-depth study of Alzheimer’s disease in adults based on changes in the brain with magnetic resonance imagingFD3
313Decoding the Digital Ledger: An In-Depth Exploration of Blockchain TechnologySD1
317Automated Detection of Glaucoma Disease Using Deep Learning ApproachSD4
327Sarcastic Tweets Detection on Code-Mixed Twitter DatasetSD4
329Mini CNC Plotter: A Cost-Efficient Optimization from Recent CNC Plotter MachinesSD11
330Comparative Performance Analysis of Serial Computing, Multiprocessing, and Multithreading in Image Processing TasksSD4
332Digital Forensics with Inception V3: A Comprehensive Approach to Deepfake Detection.SD16
333Heart Failure Prognosis through a predictive approach of Random Forest ModelSD4
337Deepfake-based Covert Data Acquisition System and Methods with Malicious Application Mimicry and Stealthy Communication Channels.FD3
339Stress Level Prediction Using Federated LearningFD2
341DDoS Detection in SDN with ML and Ensemble ModelsSD4
343Automatic Sleep Apnea Detection system using ECG SignalsSD5
351Advancing Thalassemia Diagnosis: Integrating IoMT and Federated Learning for Enhanced DetectionSD5
352Road Accident Analysis Using Machine LearningFD4
353Optimization of Diffie Hellman Key Agreement Algorithm by Integrating TimestampsSD1
354Advancing Waste Management: A Comprehensive Review of Strategies for Waste Classification and SegregationSD11
366RoadGuard Vision: Intelligent Lane Line Detection Using Computer VisionSD5
367Enhancing Leukemia Detection through Automated Image Analysis and SVM ClassificationSD5
370AI-Enhanced State-of-the-Art Techniques for Land Cover Classification Using Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Data FusionFD4
371Comparative analysis of Advancements in Precision Farming using AI and Deep LearningSD1
385Multi-hop Data Transmission Using Honey Bee Optimization Algorithm in Underwater Wireless Sensor NetworkFD1
394Video Summarization using Advanced ML and NLP techniquesSD5
401Forecasting soil moisture for specific crops involves tailoring the IoT and machine learningFD7
405Optimizing Bike-Sharing Systems: A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for Rental PredictionSD13
406Advancing Mental Health Diagnostics: The Role of Multimodal Data and Deep Learning TechniquesSD2
413Remote Sensing Change Detection by Superimposition MethodFD2
417Creating The Hyperspectral Image Using The MLNMF Method To Form A Data Cube With Eight FrequenciesSD1
418Impedance Spectroscopy of Aqueous Solution Samples of Different Glucose ConcentrationsSD1
420Detecting Microservices Anti-patterns and Smells in Dynamic EnvironmentsFD1
422Visual Identification of Domestic Animals using Deep Convolution Neural NetworkFD2
423A Stacking Ensemble-based Approach for Lung Cancer DetectionSD5
424Towards Automated Diagnosis: Enhancing Brain Tumor Classification By Implementing A Parallel Architecture of Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksFD7
425Intelligent Hybrid Steganography Optimization Algorithms for IoT ApplicationSD1
429Medical diagnosis and treatment recommendation using intelligent systems.FD4
430Integrating AI with Random Forest Regression and SGD Classifier Algorithm in Medical Diagnosis and MedicamentFD4
433A Deep Learning Model with Hybrid Feature Synthesis for Improved Crop Yield ForecastingSD12
435Hybrid optimization algorithm for hybrid cluster-based routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks: “QoS based”FD1
444NeuroShield: Enhancing Credit Card Fraud Detection with Advanced Predictive ModelsSD13
456LNN: A Novel Regressive Neural Network towards efficient Car Price PredictionSD6
463GestoSense: A Hand gesture recognition system for individuals with auditory and speech impairmentsSD6
464Telecom Customer Behavior Prediction ModelSD6
467A Multi-Stage Deep Learning Approach for Precise Classification of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Medical ImagingSD6
472Regression-Based Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: An Empirical Comparative StudySD6
473Detection & Classification of White Blood Cells: A Comparative AnalysisFD2
477Enhancing Precision Agriculture: A Specialized Regression Model with Feature Selection TacticsFD3
478Accurate Object Detection for an Intelligent Self-Driving Car System for Mountainous TerrainsFD2
480A new approach to detect the parkinson disease using deep learning methodSD13
485Gesture-Based User Interface For Cursor ControlFD3
486FLexRank: A Webpage Summarization ApproachSD10
496Analyzing Performance of Interactive Multi-Task Learning Network in Aspect Based Sentiment AnalysisSD17
498A Comprehensive Analysis of Image and Audio-Based Challenges with the Integration of a Novel Secure CAPTCHA SystemFD4
500Resource Extraction Safety and Efficiency with Integrated Chipless RFID and Aerial TechnologySD2
501Modi Character RecognitionSD6
503Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Based Energy Management in PV Powered Electric VehiclesSD6
505Underwater Single Image Restoration Using Modified Cycle GANFD2
506Cross-Domain Cardiac Arrhythmia detection using Deep Transfer Learning on ECG SignalsSD7
508Automated Conversion of Hand Signs to Text and Speech using Deep Learning for Deaf MuteSD14
511Promoting information privacy protection awareness for employees working remotely at homeSD2
516Kidney Disease Prediction Using Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms and Performance AnalysisFD5
520Language translation tool for Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi and NepaliFD5
527Neuroimaging Breakthroughs: Deep Learning-Enabled MRI Analysis for Alzheimer’s DiseaseSD7
528A ROUGE-Based Comparison of Text Summarization ModelsFD5
529A Framework for Selecting the Appropriate Cloud Service for Novice Users Using Fuzzy Inference systemSD12
532A Lightweight Wormhole Attack Detection Method for RPL Wireless Sensor NetworksFD1
533Towards Precision Diagnostics: A Comparative Analysis of CNNs in Skin and Lung Cancer ClassificationFD5
540DepthSync : An Efficient and Lightweight Method for Real-time Monocular Depth Estimation and Road SegmentationSD7
541Microstrip Patch Antenna Design for Fixed Mobile and Satellite 5G CommunicationsFD1
542Celeb-FBI: A Benchmark Dataset on Human Full Body Images and Age, Gender, Height and Weight Estimation using Deep Learning ApproachSD7
552Electrifying the Future: Navigating the Technological and Environmental Landscape of Electric VehiclesSD2
559Performance Comparison of LSTM-based Machine Intelligence for Stress Diagnosis in Humans Using Two and Four Physiological Signals Facilitated by SmartwatchesSD14
5635G and Cloud based New Generation MANETsFD1
565Artificial Intelligence Based Assistive Tool for Visually ImpairedSD7
566Text Summarization of Legal DocumentsSD7
569Accelerating Deepfake Detection with Vision Transformers.SD7
570SIRPOS: Smart Investment Recommendation and Portfolio Optimization SystemSD7
573Transforming Financial Analysis: Exploring the Intersection of Sentiment Analysis from Tweets and Stock Price PredictionSD7
575Exploring the power of GANs towards Addressing Imbalanced Tabular Datasets Issues: A Comprehensive StudySD7
577Drug Recommendations Based on Text Classification using Machine Learning TechniquesFD5
578Hybrid Deep-Machine Learning approach for Early Detection of Covid-19, Pneumonia with CBAM IntegrationFD5
583Optimizing Community Detection: A Comparative Analysis and Proposed RefinementsFD7
587Analysis of AI models to Determine the Effect of Bevacizumab Therapy on Epithelial Ovarian Cancer from Histopathology ImagesSD10
588Empirically exploring ML algorithms and Scaling methods towards efficient Prediction in Medical domainSD8
592Vision-based Discrete ASL Number RecognitionFD3
596Designing Optimal Supply Chain Networks Using Physarum based Reinforcement ModelSD11
600Literature Review on Secure Video Watermarking Embedding Process Using Artificial Jellyfish Algorithm with Transformation TechniqueFD4
606Realtime Detection of Cotton Plant Diseases using YOLO Deep Learning Model for Precision AgricultureSD8
609Combatting Phishing Attacks: Utilizing Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for Email DetectionSD17
610Analysis Of AI In Biomedical Image And Signal Processing For Improving The Health Of PatientsFD5
611Integrating Machine Learning with Reinforcement Learning and Heuristic Approaches for Optimizing Resource UsageFD5
612Improving Tiny Face Detection and Recognition: Augmentation, Self-Attention, SSDSD8
613Humanising Generative AI using Bidirectional RNN: A case study on RNN and prospective applicationsFD6
616Enhancing Food Delivery Time Prediction Using Multilayered BiLSTM-CNN Model: A Comprehensive Study and Performance EvaluationSD8
618Safety-Driven Route Optimization Using NLP and Geospatial Data: The safeRoute Navigator ApproachFD6
626A Time-Efficient Symmetric Key Encryption Technique for ECG WaveformsSD2
631Chroma Closet: Empowering Colorblind Persons with a Deep Learning-based Color Recognition AppSD8
634From Pixels to Proportions: Machine Learning for Real-World Object Dimension EstimationSD16
639RNN LSTM Powered Melody Generation in AI-Infused Music CompositionSD8
648Cloud resource usage forecasting using a deep learning-based predictive frameworkSD8
650Enhanced Siamese Network for Donor-Recipient Pair Matching with Emphasized Feature Interactions in Kidney TransplantationSD12
652Securing Traffic Signal Control at an Isolated Intersection using BlockchainFD1
655Forecasting Cryptocurrency Prices Using Deep Learning TechniquesSD8
658Integrating Data Augmentation in Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Enhanced Emotion Detection from Facial ExpressionsSD10
659Unveiling the Power of Neural Networks in Language Translation: A Comprehensive Exploration and EvaluationFD6
661Implementing Priority based Message Forwarding using Machine Learning in Post Disaster Situation using Delay Tolerant NetworkSD2
663Comparative Analysis of Transformer-Based Models for Sentiment AnalysisFD6
664An Investigation on Object Detection Model for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ImagesSD8
673Cotton Plant Disease Detection using advanced Deep Learning AlgorithmSD14
681Evaluation of Environmental Factors on Crop Yield using Machine Learning TechniquesSD8
685Assessing Agricultural Drought Dynamics by Leveraging Landsat Time-Series Data and Supervised ClassificationSD16
693Harvesting Insights: Artificial Intelligence Infused Grape Plant Disease Detection and ClassificationSD9
695An Ensemble meta-model approach for Diabetic Retinopathy detectionSD9
696TF-IDF vs. Word Embeddings for Text Classification in Indian LanguagesSD9
699Gain and Bandwidth Enhanced Tapered Curve Slot Antenna with SIW using Periodic PatchesSD2
702Yoga Pose Classification Using Machine Learning and Deep LearningFD6
705Med-Ezy: A User-Friendly Medication Management Solution with Reliable DispensingSD11
709Counting Visual Elements: A Deep Learning Framework for Visual Question Answering Using Multimodal Data ApproachSD9
719Non-Invasive Detection of Physiological Parameter through Laptop CameraFD4
723Object Detection in Path Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)SD13
732An Ensemble-Based Approach for PCOS Disease Prediction using Voting ClassifierSD12
733Cancer Classification – A Study using MLaaS and Pyspark Frameworks on WDBC datasetSD9
738Intelligent Radio Framework Using CNN Based Signal Classifier And Software Defined RadiosFD1
746Comparative Analysis of Sentiment Analysis Methods for Climate ChangeFD6
752CrowdWatch AI: Enhancing Public Space Security with Person Re-identificationSD13
757Revolutionizing Automotive Supply Chain Management through ASCMS Digitalization: Leveraging Blockchain TechnologySD11
758A Psychological Distress-based identification of the factors Stress, Anxiety and Depression Using Machine Learning ApproachSD14
764ElasticNet Embedded Network: A Novel Regression based Network for efficient Taxi Fare PredictionSD9
773A multimodal sentiment aggregation model for sarcasm detectionSD13
779Deepfake Detection using ResNeXt and TransformerSD13
780Bug Prioritization Using Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Efficient Bug TriagingSD9
781Integrating Speaker Identification for Enhanced Security in UPI Transactions Using Convolutional Neural NetworksSD16
783Satellite Image Analysis and Classification using Random Forest, Gradient Boosting Machine and YOLO Deep Learning Model.SD9
784Blockchain-enabled Multicurrency Supported Distributed e-Banking SystemSD2
800Analysis of Optimized Resource Access Management using a Novel Reinforcement Learning AlgorithmFD6
803Public Safety Solution by Automating Video Surveillance Using LRCN & ConvLSTMSD15
805Genetic Disorder Prediction using Deep LearningSD13
812Enhancing Startup Success: Leveraging Machine Learning for Business Category RecommendationSD15
815CMDDL: A Novel Coconut Maturity Detection Model Using Deep LearningSD9
817Back Propagated Intuitionistic Fuzzy Artificial Neural Network for Decision Support SystemsSD9
821Machine learning based comparison Methods for the Estimate of Mobile Device Charging DurationSD10
830DApps For E-Commerce Using Blockchain Web 3.0SD14
868Analysis of Voluntarily Reported Data Post Mesh Implantation for Detecting Public Emotion and Identifying Concern ReportsSD11
870Lightweight Deep Learning Accelerators for Real-Time Object Detection in Resource-Constrained IoT DevicesSD2
875A Transfer Learning-Based CNN Approach for Accident Detection SystemSD10
876Fake Product Detection Using Ethereum Blockchain And SHA-256 AlgorithmFD8
880Improved Residual Neural Network Model for detecting lung cancerSD14
898Interpretable Machine Learning for Healthcare: Bridging the Gap between Predictive Accuracy and Clinical UnderstandingSD11
899Skin Cancer Detection using Ensemble of Multiple Machine Learning AlgorithmsSD10
902Securing Social Integrity: Deepfake Detection through advanced deep learning modelsSD16
906KT-CIP: Distribution-aware Knowledge Transfer-based Uncertainty Quantification Approach using Context-relevant Input PruningSD13
908CodeGemma: Code Task Specific Large Language ModelFD6
916Breast Cancer Detection: A Comparative Analysis Of Different ML Models With Feature Selection TechniquesSD10
928AuthentiGuard: Deepfake Video Detection using CNNSD17
929Application of Artificial Intelligence in Space – A New ParadigmFD8
930Electricity Theft Detection System Using Deep Learning TechniquesSD17
931Hybrid Framework Using EMD and LSTM for Stock Price forecastingFD8
938Emotion-Driven Music Recommendations: A Novel Approach Using MMKG Convolutional NetworksSD17
957Fine-tune Llama 2 for Financial AnalyticsSD3
960Autoencoder with Diffusion Smoothing to detect Communities in Complex NetworksFD8
962Graph Attention Network for Maximizing the Influence in Complex NetworkFD8
968GatedDilateNet: Fusion of Gated and Dilated Convolution 3D Blocks in U-Net for Brain Tumor SegmentationFD8
969Dilated Residual Network (DRN) for Human Cell Nuclei SegmentationFD8
970Efficient Feature Selection Technique for DDOS Detection in IoT EnvironmentFD8
972WGCNA and machine learning approaches to identify early stage diagnostic biomarkers for Oral squamous cell carcinomaFD8
973Ensemble Learning and Neural Networks: Elevating Model Performance for Precise Cardiovascular Disease DetectionFD2
974Enhancing Programming Language Interoperability and Performance: A Case Study with Lox Language Integration on GraalVM Truffle FrameworkFD3
978Personal Nutrition and Breast Cancer Detection using AISD17
980An Explainable AI Powered CDSS Framework for Patients with Glioblastoma by using Patch PerturbationSD17
987Breast Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Tumor Detection and Classification Across Different Magnification Levels Using Transfer LearningFD8